Repost: Story

Everyone have a story or two to tell .
A story of one’s life.
Good days and bad days alike.
might be long, might be quite concise.

But story is a story..
might be bitter or slightly glory..
it is what we went though..
it is what we chose.
The past that make us, what we are.
Dwelling in it we shall not..and should not..
but to forget. Is too, as much a crime

Learning reflecting thinking and wondering.. oh!..’ what if..’
but what for?
Right and wrong..who are to judge?
concern we should, only the value that it brings..

so go on my story..
everyday.. one line at a time.

The end of the Day.. only then when we know..
the life that we lead.. is it of value?
or just a space between life and death.

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