Repost: Dad

Dialogue from a Channel Five serial Californiacation.. , between Hank and Becca his daughter after he left her alone on the night that should have been a memorable family dinner.

What are you listening to there? Little ‘Falling to Sleep’ music?
Death Cab for Cutie..
Wow.. you really know how to hurt a guy….. You know tonight it kinda getting a bit ruin.
It’s OK..  am used to it..
I’ll make it up to you I swear.
I know.
Do you?
Sure.. You never mean to let me down… but you do.
… Yeah, I guess I do.
You know…. It’s all well and good to talk about Happy Ending.. but if a person can’t deliver, if he keep screwing up, all eventually I guess you have to kinda say fuck you or words to that effect..

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