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White was the colour of her dress.  She was standing by ticket barriers, talking on the phone animatedly.  I noticed her perhaps because of  her dress’ color.  Or perhaps it was her boots that too, were white.   I looked at her more closely as I walked by.  She was perhaps just passed her teen and perhaps of Oriental origin but she sure was beautiful.  I walked slowly toward the barrier, fed the ticket through and headed toward the elevator.

The elevator slowly took me upward, I turned around and looked at her over my shoulder one last time.  She was still on the phone and perhaps never had noticed me.  I turned around, let the elevator slowly took me away.  I arrived at the ground level where the bus terminal was.  A handful of people were there, sitting, standing, waiting for their buses.  I normally arrived at the terminal much earlier.  A visit to a bar after work today delayed the trip home.  I walked toward my bus stop, looked at the schedule: the last bus had just left.  I walked toward another bus stop at the opposite side, hoped that there would be another bus that could take me home.  I could have walk but decided against it.  It was a cold night.  The first winter wind finally arrived and I was tired; a few late nights consecutively had taken their tolls.

She was there.  The girl in white, stood by the bus stop.  She turned around and smiled, at me.  I felt my heart skipped a beat but kept my cool.  I managed to force out a  thin pretentious smile back at her.  I walked closer and looked at the schedule.  There were a few buses from that stop that I could reach home with.

I couldn’t remember how but we started a small talk.  It began with something about the bus schedule or something else stupid but it doesn’t matter.  I was quite nervous talking to her.  So nervous that thinking back about her now, I couldn’t even remember her face.  I know for certain though that she was a stunner.  Long haired, oval face, thin lips.  I guessed to myself that she must come from a county neighbor to mine but I didn’t ask.  A bus passed by, then another both weren’t the ones I waiting for.  She pointed at them and said I could catch those buses if I wanted to, it would take me home as well.  And for some reasons (everything must have a reason, surely) I said goodbye and ran after those buses.  I still remember her puzzled eyes, the confused nod she gave before I ran off.

I stepped into the bus and instantaneously I realized it was the wrong decision.  It was also, too late.  The doors were closed and the bus began to move away from the terminal.

The bus slowly came to a halt.  I stepped off the bus.  Instead of walking the rest of the way home I sat down at the stop and began to wait.  Not sure what I for, perhaps a chance to mend the chance I missed but it was something that I wanted to do.  A few bus passed by whizzing away through the cold winter air.  I tugged myself tightly into my coat.  Stupid.   I knew damn well but still I wanted to do this.

Another long moment passed by and so a few more buses.  Not a sight of her.  Sigh.  I looked at a bus schedule at the stop, it was close to the time that the very last buses for that stop.  I could have waited more but stupidity has its own limited.  I stood up and started walking.  I was satisfied but far from contended.

I turned around once more to look at another bus passed by but continued walking.  I felt the cold wind brushing against my cheeks.  I looked up and the first snow of that winter was falling slowly from the sky.  I stood by and looked.  Its color too, was white.

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