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Great note. Find it really helpful.


It is important when writing a research proposal, a conference paper or a journal article to establish the warrant for your research. This is the rationale for why you are doing the research. Establishing the warrant is usually done through writing what John Swales (1) calls CARS, Create a Research Space. Here’s my adaptation of how CARS goes.

Move 1 Establish a Territory in which to Locate your Work

Step 1 Claim the centrality of the problem in a current policy or professional issue and/or

Step 2 Make the topic generalisations about the problem which will be generally accepted and/or

Step 3 Review relevant items of previous research about the problem… in order to

 Move 2, Establish a Niche for Your Research

Step 1 Counter-claim a position in relation to policy, practice or the extant literatures or

Step 2 Indicate a gap in policy, practice or the extant literatures (but do not over claim…

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Life without antibiotic, or so to say.. its effects. Part 1

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Today marks the ninth day, since I got sick. I was down with flu since last Tuesday (2nd April 2013). The first two days, I was bed-ridden. My temperature rose as high as 38.5 to 39c. My head felt heavy, I think I got some sort of virus. I countered the fever with Paracetamols, lemon and honey water, lots of sleeps and foods. I got better on the third day but I stayed another day at home and was back at work on Friday.

When I began to get sick, I decided to carry out an experiment with my body. I want to see how my body react to sickness and how long does it take for it to ‘fight off’ the sickness by itself. This curiosity stems from a news article I read some weeks ago. The article is about the effect of decrease effectiveness of antibiotic. The story in the article makes sense to me, bacteria can evolve and will, to fight back the invention of antibiotic. But I really wonder what will really happen to us if antibiotic losses its magic?

So now, I am in the middle of the experiment, without any complicate measuring devices or scientific equipments to measure my progress, I made a subjective experiment with my body. The only medicament I have taken so far is Paracetamols, which brought the temperature down within half an hour and make me sweat a lot during the first two days. After three hours, the effect warned off and the temperature was on the rise again. It functions really like clockwork!

I was back kicking by the fifth-day but there was still temperature. I could still feel that my body remained weak and not as fit pre-sickness. I needed to eat a lot and was hungry constantly. I stayed mostly indoor and try to get back to my normal routine, which is getting up at 7am and sleep at 1am. My condition got worst after the seventh day. It was strange as I thought I kicked it off. Perhaps it take longer than I expected to fully recover, perhaps I begins to live my ‘normal’ lifestyle to soon. Eighth day, was norm but on the Ninth day (today) – the sore throat becomes worsen. I am contemplated to take antibiotic now – to nuke it clean.. Let see.. will be back to write update.


The Sale is now on.

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The Sale is now on.

The hi-streets heave with bargain hunters weaving in and out; looking, searching for something.

Lazily yawning, I sat by my desk at home all day long.

Thinking, wishing of what I would like to have:

Some happiness, at half-price,

would be Really nice to have.


Endnotes + Dropbox Reference make easy… ??

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Dear Researchers,

If you are one of those who work on multiple computers and would like to have all your references and pdf texts at your finger tips.  You not the only one.

I have tried and tried and am still trying to find that perfect solution.  If there ever one.  .

For a few months I tried Mendeley.  Seems to work great in the beginning – retrieves the title and all other info automatically – minimised manual input, build in pdf reader and annotation.  It was my fair child UNTIL  I have to re-install my window – attempt to sync the library over the internet wipe out 75% of my pdf.  It left me with the header only without text, asking me to reattached every single one of them.  ABANDONED.  I rather spending time doing sometime more useful like hmm, writing this blog ?!  Basically, I just left it where it was. Not touching it until I have to.

And Today, it is finally the time I have to.  I was writing part of my phd and found that I could not find the reference I wanted. It is time to tackle this hairy beast (again).

I decided to roll back to Endnote but still want that sexy online synable over the internet function.  I scouted around and found THIS:Endnotes & Dropbox combination!

So I just finished setting them up.  Will feedback in a few weeks.  Could Endnotes & Dropbox be a match made in heaven or would be yet another spanner in the machine.  WE SHALL SEE.   

Quick update *** the combination seems to have problems see:


Repost: Story

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Everyone have a story or two to tell .
A story of one’s life.
Good days and bad days alike.
might be long, might be quite concise.

But story is a story..
might be bitter or slightly glory..
it is what we went though..
it is what we chose.
The past that make us, what we are.
Dwelling in it we shall not..and should not..
but to forget. Is too, as much a crime

Learning reflecting thinking and wondering.. oh!..’ what if..’
but what for?
Right and wrong..who are to judge?
concern we should, only the value that it brings..

so go on my story..
everyday.. one line at a time.

The end of the Day.. only then when we know..
the life that we lead.. is it of value?
or just a space between life and death.

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Repost: Of these three.. – Charlotte Gray

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“Your father fought in the great war, is that right?”
“Would you say you’re trying to impress him?”
“No …Why should I ?”
“But you father introduce you to France”
” Took you to the war grave, is that right?
“And your mother..?”
“Look, you know this…I don’t see why you are asking me all these questions if you already know the answers..”
“Would you say you’d find it easy to form attachment ?”
“On average”
“Have you ever been in Love?”
“… Yes I have.”
“Of these three which in your view is the most important : Faith, Hope, or Love.”

โดนอย่างเเรงครับทั่น ..


It’s not an average war-love-durby-do..

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Repost: Alfie

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“you screwed up….. the question is .. what’s gonna happen to the rest of your life?’
“What is all about?”

One of the best film I seen.

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